Network Solutions

Bleeding Edge Network Protection

While we can easily work with your current firewall, we highly recommend switching to a Sophos solution. There are many benefits of doing so including:

  • Firewall
    • Consistently updated to include advanced threat algorithms to ensure your network is protected from the latest threats
  • Country-Blocking
    • Block high-threat countries completely!
  • Web Filtering
    • Control where your employees go to ensure compliance!
  • Audit Logging
    • Logging for auditing purposes.
  • Automatic Weekly Attack Pattern Updates
    • Keeps you ahead of the bad guys!
  • Monthly Firmware Updates
    • Automatically downloaded and installed!
  • Stay FULLY HIPAA-compliant!
    • Protect your PHI!

Secure VPN Services

With a Sophos firewall in place, we can configure many different types of VPN connections. Do you have multiple locations you’d like to link with each? We can help! IPSec connections are simple to set up and very affordable? Don’t have a static IP? No problem!

  • L2TP
  • SSL
  • IPSec

Networking Equipment Installation and Configuration

Is your network suffering from extreme slowness? Do you start a file transfer to another computer in the office, walk away, and make a sandwich while you wait? We can help! Ask us about upgrading your network today!

Is your server or network room a giant snake pit of wires and knotted up cables? We can help there, too! Here are a few services we provide with Networking Equipment Installation and Configuration:

  • Switches
    • Get rid of that megabit switch and make the “switch” to gigabit!
  • Patch Panels
    • Make your network closet neat again!
  • Patch Cables (custom and pre-built)
    • Custom and pre-built cables for all occasions!
  • Cable Drops
    • No job is too big or small!
  • Cable Management
    • Velcro wraps, zip ties, cable tacks, etc. We do it all!
  • Rack-Mounting
    • Got rackable equipment that isn’t racked? We can help!