References From Our Valued Clients

Alabama Foundation Specialists

“All of my experience during our association with Lightwire has been positive and the company has consistently completed projects timely and successfully. I have found that their customer service is excellent and the employees are knowledgeable, diligent and very responsive.”
– Phil Daymond
Chief Financial Officer

AFS Reference Letter

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Conwell Title & Escrow, Inc.

“They are well equipped to handle all of your IT and Computer needs. Their first concern is the security of your data and information so that you know your valuable information is always protected.”
– Joseph Conwell
Attorney and Owner

CTE Reference Letter

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Decatur Radiology Group

“They are one-stop shopping for any technological concerns. We recommend them highly. They have been a delight to work with.”
– Vernon S. Hurst, M.D.
Radiology Group, P.A.

DRG Reference Letter

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Decatur Entrepreneurial Center

“We have been using Lightwire Solutions for almost a year and have always been more than completely satisfied. They do an excellent job, are always punctual and offer competitive rates in our area.”
– Larry Waye
Executive Director

DEC Reference Letter

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Falkville Medical Clinic

“They do an excellent job, are very friendly, and are always available when needed. We strongly recommend Lightwire Solutions to any company, corporation or individual.”
– Falkville Medical Staff

FMC Reference Letter

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Gill Family Medicine

“Dr. Gill and I can highly recommend Lightwire Solutions for your home or business needs. We have been very pleased with the service they have provided us.”
– Elaine Gill

GFM Reference Letter

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Hartselle Family Medicine

“I can’t get over how quick you respond to our needs! So many times, you drop what you are doing and come and help us or you remote in and solve our problems.”
– Tammy Love
Office Manager

HFM Reference Letter

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LawLer’s Barbecue

“We are very satisfied with their professionalism, courtesy and work ethic. They have solved all our problems quickly and gotten us back up and running with minimal interruptions.”
– Jean F. Kelley

LBBQ Reference Letter

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River Oaks Family Medicine

“We have been very pleased with the response time from Lightwire Solutions upon any calls we’ve made with problems. I would recommend Lightwire Solutions, LLC for any information technology job, large or small.”
– Sally Cheatham
Office Manager

ROFM Reference Letter

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Tanner Medical Clinic, LLC

“Lightwire Solutions has the most knowledgeable and professional staff around. These guys are truly impressive and always exceed our expectations! We highly recommend Lightwire Solutions for all of your technical needs.”
– Jessica Flores
Office Manager

TMC Reference Letter

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From Social Media

Mr. and Mrs. Green

“Lightwire Solutions was there for us when we really needed some help. We had a fire in our home that forced us to live out of a hotel for 4 months. All of our computers and electronics were damaged in the fire. The helpful and friendly representative from Lightwire Solutions listened to our needs and helped find the best solution which ended up being a new laptop and home router. They held on to the router and installed our home network & home theater within a week of us returning to our home. I will strongly recommend Lightwire Solutions to any of my friends and family. Their customer service is a step above!!!”

Mrs. Pesce

“These guys are great! My laptop needed a new hard-drive. Daniel guided me to the best suitable one for my computer. I shopped around for the best price, and bought the one best suited for my budget. Then, James installed my new hard-drive, AND he brought it to my work. The price was very reasonable, and they are very friendly. When talking to me, they described everything in a language I understand! I highly recommend these guys, and will be using LightWire Solutions for ALL of my electronic needs!!”