Remote Support FAQ

If you would prefer to use our remote support services, we can help! Give us a call at 256-763-0464 and our friendly and knowledgeable tech team will be happy to assist you!

If you have already called in and are ready to start the support session, please click the link below:
Lightwire Solutions Remote Support Link

How it works

When you click on the technician’s name or enter the code supplied by the technician, you will download a file (the name will start with “Bomgar”). Once the file is downloaded, you will run the file. You will be prompted as to whether you would like the technician to control your computer. At this point, you will click allow. You may be prompted again for elevation purposes. Once this is done, you can go grab a cup of coffee or sit back and watch as our friendly, helpful technicians do their work. It’s really that simple.

How Secure Is It?

At Lightwire Solutions, we care about your security. Our Bomgar device makes a secure “tunnel” using SSL technology to ensure your systems stay secure while we do our work.

What Happens When The Session Ends?

When the session ends, the technician can no longer access your computer unless you make a new session. This means you don’t have to worry about leaving your computer unattended once the session is complete. Until the session is ended, however, the technician can view and control your screen.

Do You Offer Unattended Access Services?

Yes! Absolutely! When you are a Lightwire Solutions customer, we offer unattended access to you as part of your package! This allows us to do maintenance after hours without having to have staff on-site. This is completely optional but we feel it is an affordable way to save you and your company money.